God of the impossible

"You shall...praise the name of the LORD your God, who has dealt wondrously with you." Joel 2:26

Our God is the God of wonders - the God of the impossible.

In Joel's day, God's people had sunken so low into sin that no one thought there was any hope left for them. But when judgment was at their very doorstep, the God of wonderful mercy said, "Yet even now, return to me" (Joel 2:12).

He is the God of impossible mercy. If you've fallen into sin as a Christian, God's words to you are the same: "Yet even now, return to me." If you are in a lost condition, even on the very edge of eternal judgment, his words to you are the very same: "Yet even now return to me."

What will you do for eternity? If you're a Christian, you will praise the God of wondrous dealings for all eternity. You were a lost, hopeless rebel, without God in the world, sunken under a weight of eternal guilt, and the God of wonders singled you out for mercy. He washed you in the blood of his Son and made you his heir. You were an impossible case - no one could take away your guilt, no one could change you, least of all yourself. But God did.

Start eternity early by reflecting on God's wondrous dealings with you today.