Smeared in the Spirit

“unleavened wafers smeared with oil” Exodus 29:2

Jesus is his name, but his title is Christ, or Messiah. Jesus is who he is; Christ is what he is. He is many things: Prophet, Priest, and King. There have been many prophets, many priests, and many kings, but he is all these and more in one. He is the Christ.

The word Christos is the Greek New Testament version of the Hebrew Old Testament Meshiach. It means anointed. Of all the things that Jesus is, he is above all, and encapsulating all, and pervading all, the Anointed One. Ok so that’s what the word means, but what does it mean? It means he’s the One who is anointed with the Spirit of God, that which the old anointing oil signified.

He is the pleasing One, the chosen One, the promised One, the sent One, the equipped One, the saving One, the victorious One, the coming One. He is the Father’s delight and the Father’s delight rests upon him in the form of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Spiritual man.

In him we are also spiritual, anointed with the Spirit of God. He is our true sacrifice, but in him we are living sacrifices of thanksgiving to the living God. With great joy in Christ, may our hearts be as the wave offerings of unleavened wafer, smeared with the Spirit of God. For that is what this word smeared is in the Hebrew—anointed.