An experiential reading of the Bible

Bible reading. We know we should do it. We sometimes enjoy it. But, perhaps, for the most part it is the mundane task we are happy we did but not thrilled to accomplish. Fear not! There is great hope for children of the living God.

When does Bible reading cease to be a task and become, well, leaving the garden with Adam and Eve, walking with Enoch as he is translated, entering the ark with Noah, sojourning in tents with Abraham, going upon the Mount with Moses, ministering in the tabernacle with Aaron, conquering the land with Joshua, hiding in caves with David, journeying to Jerusalem with the Queen of Sheba, walking in gardens with Solomon, beholding the Lord with Isaiah, being cast into the pit with Jeremiah, being caught up between heaven and earth with Ezekiel, dreaming in a strange kingdom with Daniel…?

When does it become 400 years of silence as we anticipate the coming of the promised One, laying eyes on the redemption of Israel with Simeon, prophesying in the wilderness with John, being called with Peter and John, walking with Jesus, partaking of the miracles, seeing him crucified for our sin, mistaking him for the gardener with Mary, finding the empty tomb with John (and Peter, a second later), receiving the gift of the Spirit in tongues of fire, being cut to the quick with the Pentecost 3000, preaching boldly with Peter and John, being martyred with Stephen, struck blind with Paul, rejoicing with the believers over him…?

When will it transform into seeing Satan fall like lightning, partaking in the great war in heaven, standing in awe of the Lion who cracks the seals, seeing him coming on the clouds, standing with all human beings of all time before the throne of the Lamb to be judged, having every tear wiped away, reigning with him over a new universe? Well, these things it will become before too long. But for now, we salute these realities by faith, embracing their gloriousness as we await their revealing in the waking life of this poor world. With prayer and patience, we will begin to walk in the realities of God as we sojourn through our Bible reading plans. Onward!