Hit the ground running

The hardest part of my day is springing out of bed the moment the alarm touches God’s anointed. I’ve found that a few preparations in the evening can help promote a punctual rising from the dead on the morrow. Anything for the edge!

There exists a connection between hitting the ground running and what we mortals call “a good day.” As my waking moments go, thither goeth my day. The momentum of a swift auroral resurrection propels me forward, while a failure to rise first thing can be a strange sort of lasting discouragement.

But, while this may be true in its own way, it is not ultimate truth. My day is not decided by psychological sleight of hand. We may feel these matters, and they may be quite useful to us in the natural course of things, but grace reigns in my life by the finished work of Someone else.

Our spiritual momentum is set and maintained by Christ. He awakened us in a split second of great power and set our feet immediately on the path of life, while his righteousness placed us once for all ahead of the game. So, wherever I am in my day, I can hit the ground running, for Christ.