A brief lesson in biblical meaning

As you read the following paragraph, ask yourself the question: Who is being spoken of?

He was the favored son, given revelation of his high destiny by God, yet hated by his jealous brothers. They plotted his death and handed him over to the Gentiles. Yet his brothers’ evil act, God meant for good, to send him ahead of them, to save them. Through his sufferings he rose to the very right hand of power, receiving the seal of the kingdom as all were commanded to bow the knee before him. He stored up bread and all the earth streamed to him for life, which could be found nowhere else. And the people offered their ends and lands and possessions to him, and their very own selves to his service, crying out, “You have saved us!”

Now, who am I talking about?

I’m talking about Joseph. But (let the reader understand) when we’re talking about Joseph, we’re also talking about the Lord Jesus Christ.