You ain't got the answers Sway

It was an iconic (and very memeable) internet moment. Kanye West raged at Sway on the Wake Up Show. Some may respond that Kanye did not have the answers, either! Others may look to those they believe do have the answers, such as various noble pagans like Jordan Peterson or Elon Musk. And they would invariably do so by way of technology.

The interconnectivity of our digital age is a wonder of the world. We are (or so we like to think) on the cutting edge of information as new breaks from around the world and streams into the palms of our hands. But, putting the question of trustworthy news sources aside, how up-to-date are we really? How far does the knowledge of the world’s teachers extend? We may even, through digital news outlets and the remarkably intelligent, know what is happening right now, but what everyone wants to know is what will happen next and how to prepare for it. And that our digital wonderland cannot tell us.

The Bible is God’s word, which means that it is not only factually true, but it is divinely inspired. God speaks to us in the Bible. And God tells us what will happen in the Bible. God not only knows what will be; he is the one who will bring it about. He is the Teacher who was never taught. He knows our proper course, the paths of safety and of glory. He is the Wise One, at whose feet we may sit at will. If you love the idea of being connected, pick up your Bible and connect to this: GOD. Now that’s some real bleeding edge stuff.