Church repent

"Hold fast what you have" Revelation 3:11

The so-called red letters of Jesus don't end with the gospel accounts. There are red lettered direct words of Christ up through the very last chapter of the New Testament. With the Risen One, it is never merely that he was, but that he is. He's alive.

In Revelation chapters 2 and 3 the resurrected Lord of the universe dictates letters to seven historical local churches. Some, he calls to fierce repentance; to others, he says not a word of correction but only leaves them with strong encouragements to keep up the good work.

Would Jesus stand outside of a faithful local church and call it to repent? Perish the thought. Is Christ divided against himself? He's busy walking in its midst and strengthening its faithful members; how then could he stand outside and oppose himself?

Where two or three have gathered together in the name of calling faithful churches to some sort of ultra repentance, he is not there among them. That is rather a synagogue of Satan. Jesus doesn't call faithful churches to repent. He calls those who call faithful churches to repentance to repent.

Be encouraged, faithful flocks. God is with you and he will continue to bless your efforts for the spread of his kingdom through the preaching of Jesus Christ and him crucified for sinners.