The Famous One

"So his fame spread...and great crowds followed him" Matthew 4:24, 25

Jesus was quickly gathering a reputation for himself. Reports were spreading far and wide, and what people heard caused them to seek him out for themselves. The people were streaming to him.

He was known to them as a preacher and healer, and they did what anyone in their right mind would do: they went to him to hear and to be healed. The great crowds put into action the reports they heard about this Jesus.

I wonder if the fame of Christ has spread to us? Certainly if we are believers it has, for what is it that we believe but the reports about Jesus? But might we not stand to hear more of the great fame of Jesus Christ? Have we not only just begun to know him?

A steady diet of the wonderful love and works of Christ will stir your heart and compel you to seek the famous One anew. What drives prayer like the knowledge of God's mercy and our desperate need of him? What encourages going to Jesus like knowing that he loves to welcome those who need him?

Read Scripture, listen to sermons, fellowship with seasoned saints, work through solid books,. By all means keep the news of Christ's fame sounding in the ears of your heart, and you'll find yourself not only going to him, but bringing others with you.