He's coming

"the Son of Man is coming" Matthew 24:44

Everything you are presently concerned about will be swallowed up by this. You will forget everything, or better, everything will appear for what it really is: a very small matter. The big mattersGod and people and sinwill loom larger than life and consume your attention as you enter the realms of eternity.

Jesus Christ is coming back as a roaring lion. It is not a matter of if, but simply a matter of when. "Be ready," he says in the same verse. His glorious appearance will be terror itself or joy itself to every human being.

What is his coming back to you now? Are you washed in his blood and clothed in his righteousness, ready for your heavenly call? Or are you wallowing in your sin, filthy and naked before God, awaiting your summons to judgment?

Run to Christ for safety my friend. Nothing else matters.