Election day

Grace and peace saints! It's election day. I don't know how you are feelingtorn, discouraged, indifferent, frustrated, filled with confidence in God's sovereign goodness, or some combination of them. I encourage all of you to follow your consciences today, whether that is a vote or a non-vote, on all levels of the ballot. We are citizens of this world and have obligations to do good to those around us, which includes making informed political decisions as free citizens.

What I want to emphasize is that the most important election already happened in eternity past, God's election of sinners to faith in Jesus Christ for eternal salvation and life. Rest in your position in Christ today, act according to your conscience, and trust God with the affairs of this passing world. Let's keep our hearts humble and hold our heads high, as is fitting for children of the King of the universe. Remember, he's coming back.